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We're AQOOM, the smart and easy way to communicate with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency people. AQOOM match Blockchain projects with users and help them to attract effectively by providing useful features such as Q&A and Review of Blockchain services around the world. We also offer services to businesses to help them manage their own Telegram communities.


AQOOM made it easier for investors and companies to connect and interact in one room.


We aim to build a community for cryptocurrency and blockchain users where each and everyone can help each other


By creating these services, we make sure that companies and investors are satisfied.


Your voice is important to us and we make sure that your suggestions matter. We continually improve our services through your comments.



AQOOM review

Investing in cryptocurrency is not that simple, and it is not without risks. With your investment at stake, choosing the right coin, wallet, and market is a crucial decision. Having little and limited information before making an investment could lose you tons of money.

AQOOM Review helps to create a community, a place where you can gather useful information before investing. These are coming from authentic reviews from other investors on which they have direct experience when it comes to investing, using a wallet, or exchanging in a market. With reliable information coming from co-investors, you are sure about making the right decision for your first or next investment.

By connecting investors, we are creating a space where people can share information. The community helps each other understand the process of investing before buying and also helps to decrease the loss of investments.

AQOOM Review, your gateway to smart investments.



AQOOM Chatbot

We are introducing a tool that lets you manage your main communication tool, Telegram, for your blockchain company and further attract cryptocurrency investors efficiently.

Cryptocurrency investors mainly use Telegram to keep themselves updated to the blockchain companies’ news, announcements, and recent activities and events. Although as much as it is convenient, most users tend to leave and not regularly check these chat rooms due to numerous chat posts. We, AQOOM, have met blockchain users and corporate officials to understand the inconveniences of the use of Telegram. In particular, it was difficult for the group managers to operate and manage the chat room.

Because of this, we aim to help blockchain companies to operate and manage Telegram chat groups more quickly and efficiently through AQOOM Chatbot. AQOOM Chatbot is a customized omnichannel bot and an assistant platform for blockchain enterprises. It helps to create a safe and better environment for investor-company interaction and communication.

AQOOM Chatbot. Your partner in chat.

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